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Collection: Gabbro Mystic Merlinite

Indigo Gabbro, or Mystic Merlinite in its spiritual aspect, works to unify the two worlds… the one of spirit and the one of the earth. Acting as a bridge between the two realms, it creates a deeper understanding of one’s spiritual gifts and natural intuitive abilities. It is like an awakening bell for the long forgotten memories that this time is asking us to reawaken to or remember

Working between the worlds, Indigo Gabbro also creates a bridge between the dark and light aspects of who you are. Seeing your patterns as not an expression of duality, but rather the balance between the positive and negative, the heavy and the light, the joyous and the trying.

Mystic Merlinite is a stone that will assist in aligning the Chakras and help to alter one’s state of consciousness.  It has a powerful energy that allows us to directly work with the elemental energies of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Storms. By working with the elemental energies we can awaken mystical experiences. Mystic Merlinite can help open the doors to deeper intuitive abilities.

It aids in developing psychic capacities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and prophetic vision. Mystic Merlinite allows us to see the light and dark within ourselves and come to the realization that both are needed to live a full and balanced life. It can help facilitate self-awareness and self-growth.


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